Increasing Trailer Utilization to Impact Your Bottom Line

By August 7, 2018CallPass M2M, LANA
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The Logistics of Asset Management

Custom Pine Straw (C.P.S.) has been providing dependable dry/box freight hauling services to and from almost anywhere in the continental United States since 1997! The company is a wholesale producer and vendor of pine straw who also offers backload freight, backhauls, return-load and dry storage services to and from Florida. Because of their location in northern Florida, they are in an excellent position to provide overnight delivery for their customers throughout the southeast. Their customers rely on them due to their superior-quality product, on-time delivery, and professional service. Just like many other businesses around, during the company’s unprecedented growth there has become a growing need to mitigate a certain business risk that has caused the company more than one set back.

C.P.S. purchases and maintains their fleet of tractors, trucks, and trailers from their offices headquartered in High Springs (FL). While their tractors and trucks are equipped with GPS, the 800 unpowered trailers we’re not. This presented the business with new and unique risks that became more than just a cause for concern including:

  • Trailers that were managed on a spreadsheet where tracking was manually done nationwide.
  • Inability to locate, organize, and schedule deliveries and pick-ups affecting business growth.
  • Replacement costs for lost or stolen trailers greatly reduced profits.

Increasing Productivity of Non-Powered Assets

Custom Pine Straw was looking for a solution to improve utilization, management, and reporting of their fleet of 800+ trailers. They can no longer rely on the inefficient, time consuming and costly operation of manually monitoring these business assets, which are estimated at a value of over $800,000.00. As the key stakeholders at Custom Pine Straw began to seek out a solution to their issues, they discovered they needed to:

  • Utilize a cost-effective GPS tracking solution.
  • Integrate a system with alerts for unscheduled asset movements assist in loss prevention.
  • Gain a better understanding of how long trailers have been sitting at any location.

The Needle in The Pine Stack

After doing their due diligence and participating in demos with several solution providers. The asset tracking solution that began to edge out the competition for Custom Pine Straw was LANA from CallPass M2M Solutions. LANA is a critical service for companies managing intermittently powered and non-powered assets. LANA, which stands for Locate-Analyze-Notify- Action is a GPS based, SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides business owners with robust, near real-time reporting. The CallPass Companies have been providing GPS Tracking Solutions for over 12 yrs and tracking business assets including trucking chassis’, trailers, containers, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, rail cars and more.

For Steve Rogers, owner of Custom Pine Straw, the cost-effective solution from CallPass M2M nearly eliminated the replacement costs for stolen or lost trailers. “What we were really looking for was a solution that empowered us to better utilize our business assets.” “Understanding where the trailers are and how long they’ve been sitting has increased our productivity beyond measure,” said Rogers. “I invested in this solution to not only avoid mistakes and prevent losses but to make our business smarter. I don’t know how we got along before CallPass.” For Rogers and Custom Pine Straw, the investment in the LANA Solution has taken Custom Pine Straw’s business to the next level. They not only have the peace of mind knowing where their assets are, but they are impacting the business’s bottom line by reducing costs and increasing productivity with little to no downtime.

The President of CallPass Companies, Jason Ashton mentions “As we continue to work with companies of all sizes, we believe it is important to stay on the cutting edge and beyond with our asset tracking solutions. Whether your organization is managing a handful of assets or tens of thousands of assets; LANA delivers the tools needed to streamline operations and increase profitability.”

Are you looking to increase your asset utilization? Perhaps monitor their progress to streamline your business processes or prevent asset liability in remote locations? Whatever the case may be, CallPass has a solution. Request your free demo today and see the difference connecting your assets makes!