XT1120 Series

Cargo Sensor


  • In application visual images
  • Calibrated camera with sensors
  • Trailer/Container surface volume
  • Door Open/Close Notifications (with imaging)
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What if you could click a button and view the inside of your Trailer and receive a real-time display of the Surface volume and load capacity. What if you could receive an image with every door opening and closing of your trailer? Well with CPM2M’s Cargo Sensor now you can.

Whether you are running line hauls, less-than-truckload or point-to-point making the most of your available capacity is essential to operating profitably. Now a technology is available to provide information on your fill rates with visual confirmation of that information.

Our Cargo Sense system utilizes our proprietary Cargo Sensors to deliver pictures of your load outs and statistics on floor space and volumetric fill as well as door status for trailers and containers.

Cargo Sense uses an automated camera with integral lighting combined with advanced algorithms to capture images and calculate the loadout percentage of your trailer or cargo container and the door open/close status. This information including the pictures of your freight fill are available for both near-real-time and historical trend review within the LANA SaaS portal.

Additional cargo translates to additional revenue.

  • Image sensor technology to monitor the inside of the trailer/container
  • Uses proprietary image processing techniques and analytics to determine trailer/container capacity
  • 5.3 AH battery for long-term capacity reporting
  • Communicates with the XT4970D over serial RS232 or Bluetooth for wireless connectivity

XT1120 Cargo Sensor
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