Container & Bin Tracking

A Full Service Solution

From dispatch to accounting, sales to service, customs and compliance, LANA™ delivers a full-service solution that touches every area of your business. Our cloud-based solution provides a feature-rich environment to manage your business.

Control Capital Costs and Increase Asset Visibility

Automated Yard Checks improve trailer and chassis fleet management by providing a clear and accurate look at your yard. Increase utilization and optimize fleet size by empowering dispatch, leasing, and overall operational management.

Asset Awareness

Pinpoint and manage the location of Containers and Bins arriving to and from ports, yards, suppliers, customers, and docking bays. Built-in notifications alerting arrival, departure, schedule deviations, and time on site.

Live Tracking

Pinpoint locations in near-real time and manage delivery and receipt of Containers and Bins. Search, sort or group to view by asset type, make, and model.

Cloud-Based Geo’s

Create Geozones, Landmarks, or Cloud-Based Geos utilizing advanced polygon technology. Manage and monitor containers/bins by designating appropriate boundaries highlighting facilities for customers, suppliers, distributors, and more.

History Map

Utilize historical data to improve deployments and customer interaction by reviewing mapped data points, displaying visibility to all Containers and Bins. Understand route deviations or disruptions through time-stamped location history.

Point A. Point B. And Beyond

Container and Bin utilization is priority #1 for your business. Ensure that contracted Containers and Bins are where they need to be when they need to be. Increase revenue and decrease loss exposure utilizing LANA™.

Increase Revenue and Improve Billing

Managing capital costs is half the battle. Ensuring Containers and Bins are being utilized and billed properly increases revenue and minimizes exposure. Increase revenue and improve billing by using LANA™ State of the Art Reporting.

Customize Reporting

Ability to manage and manipulate data in a format that fits your business. Tailor reports, customize views, and export data to drive action items for your business.

Dwell & Demurrage

Lets you know how long your Containers and Bins have been on site versus your planned time on site. Manage billable hours above and beyond agreed contracted terms with 100% accuracy based on location dwell time and demurrage accrual.